Harrop Driveline

The Harrop driveline is a set of devices that transmits power to the driving wheels aside a car’s engine. It works in harmony with the vehicle’s front and rear wheels. The Harrop driveline is produced by Harrop engineers. This driveline system is made to ensure high-performance braking and engine welfare, which are essentials for road safety.

Harrop is known for its creativity, skilled designs and well-developed driveline products for a wide range of vehicles. These features ensure their driveline products are among the world’s finest produced auto products.

Harrop engineers develop advanced designs and manufacture authentic systems in order to produce distinguished and inventive driveline products. Harrop drivelines are well recognised for their superior performance.

Harrop Driveline

Harrop Drivelines are well recognized for their good performance.

Harrop performance Driveline comes in different types which includes:


Harrop spool has been race viable at the premium stage of motorsport over years, it is mainly meant for use in competition by interested and serious trackers that request topmost drive and authenticity. They can either be made from Aluminum or steel. The Al-spool is made from about 7000chains Al-billets and the steel spools from about 4200 chromoly steel-billets, processed and darkened.

Since the spool is made from 1-piece, there are no little parts to clutch plates to readout thereby providing a genuine solution for power transportation. It is compatible with Fitted Ford9'' and 31/35 spline axles having a mass of about 1.65kg.

This kit is compatible with Holden commodore and Pontiac G70 2004-2008.


It is the first gear differential introduced into the self-propelled automobile. In addition, it is self-powered.

It is known for its viable design, quality performance and being less expensive makes it an optimal choice for a wide range of Vehicle.

It abolishes the need for eroded parts leading to free self-maintenance. It is specifically designed to be compatible with Vehicles like LandRover Defender Ford9.


This Harrop kit is recognized for its high standard components, high certainty and safety. It is compatible with Toyota (Hilux, 4-runner), Nissan Patrol and Ford Maverick.


This product is known for its outstanding choice for vehicles needed for high performance and competition. It brings about oil capacity increment of about 1.48litres which leads to an enhanced cooling and by this makes it persistent.

It also enhances rear end Stiffness for hauling and it’s directed automatically to fit the use of oil cooler exterior and pump structures.


Harrop Detroit Locker is unique and best known for its perfect security which provides ultimate power of tenderness to intense vehicle users. Its wheel-speed sensitivity is very high and comes with a bullet-proof design just to keep both wheels in a stable drive mode.

It is really of good strength and reliability. It is compatible with vehicles like Nissan Patrol, Chrysler and Toyota Land cruiser.