Harrop Engineering Tuning

Harrop Performance Engineering

At Power Torque we’re experts in a wide range of Harrop Engineering products that allows us to deliver high quality performance solutions to our customers. Over the years Harrop performance engineering has equipped car owners with unbeatable enhancement products and packages and continues to create a name for itself in the Australian motor vehicle industry.

Harrop Engineering Tuning

Harrop engineering tuning draws on the performance house’s reputation for world class performance products.

Harrop engineering tuning draws on the performance house’s reputation for world class performance products. Harrop Engineering is part of the Adrad Group representing an impressive global operation committed to technical excellence in total component manufacturing for high performance vehicles.

As a company, Harrop continues to grow through associations with high quality motor vehicle industry suppliers around the world. It also boasts a highly skilled workforce dedicated to creating the best products and packages.

High performance vehicle owners appreciate Harrop engineering tuning as it demands the highest levels of fitment and calibration solutions. It’s also why at Power Torque we are proud Harrop partners. Harrop performance engineering specialises in holden, HSV, Mustang, BMW, Lotus and 4x4 vehicles.

It aims to increase the performance of engines, increase speed capabilities and reduce fuel consumption, using state-of-the art technology and tuning equipment. At Power Torque we adhere to Harrop Engineering’s high quality standards and deliver outstanding customer service.

Harrop designs and manufactures automotive original equipment and aftermarket performance components. With continuous product development they continue to apply emerging advancement in technologies to automotive platforms. Harrop performance engineering keeps up with the latest technological advances continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation, design and quality.

Harrop engineering boasts cutting edge software programming, modern automation equipment and global benchmarking techniques for better upgrades and product delivery. Harrop continues to refine and develop high performance packages with advancements in their manufacturing processes, tool and pattern design. In addition they undergo stringent verification and testing of performance packages.

Harrop engineers are masters of creativity with extensive knowledge in the engineering and manufacturing world. Here is why it’s the most trusted brand for performance enhancing packages:

  • Deliver quality performance packages for different car engines
  • Global collaboration using extensive knowledge in technological advancements
  • In-house verification and testing ensures all products are in good condition for market use
  • High end materials such as aluminum casting for durability
  • Extensive project planning for advancements and performance upgrades.

Speak to the friendly team at Power Torque today about how Harrop engineering tuning can enhance your vehicle.