Harrop is well-known as a leading worldwide motorsport company. The company started off manufacturing weaving machines from a shed in the Victorian suburbs of Brunswick. Their customer satisfaction formula is based on hard work and good old Australian ingenuity. They specialise in high performance vehicle parts and packages.

The History of Harrop Performance

Harrop was founded in 1955 by Len Harrop and wife Elsa. Ron, son to Len and Elsa, was welding go-karts by the age of 10 and as a teenager, his passion for welding shifted to modifying cars.

Ron’s early involvement in car racing was mainly drag racing. His EH Holden won at Castlereagh and Calder in Sydney, even though most of the time Ron used this car as a road car. After some time, he transferred the mechanicals over to an FJ body. The car was later named ‘Harrop’s Howler’ and it became a sensation doing standing quarters of 11.8 seconds with 118mph speed through traps and won numerous races and championships.

Harrop Performance

In the 1970s, Harrop began associations with the Holden Dealer Team and the Harry Firth Team. This resulted in more work for the engineering shops and it became known that Harrop’s gear was a must have. Interestingly, the main focus was in the car touring races; specifically, at Bathurst, where his brake system and running gear became known for increased speed, and further enhanced the Ford and Holden rivalry.

In late 1993, Ron was hoping to boost his success and by a stroke of good fortune he was approached by the Holden Racing Team through Tomas Mezera for technical assistance to help boost their performance. This was a positive move and within a year he rose to become the team’s Chief Engineer. He held the position for five years before resigning in 1999, during which time the team became the benchmark in Australian motor racing. The house became known for specialised racing components and automotive production parts.

To date, the engineering excellence is evident in the products produced by Harrop Engineering. The high-tech manufacturing facility and its customer responsiveness are well in line with international quality standards. Today, Harrop employs a team of specialist engineers across the design, production and quality disciplines, who are part of a larger team of dedicated staff. Together, they deliver quality services which have come to be known as part and parcel of Harrop Engineering.

Harrop is driven by performance and quality and it is committed to safety, durability and reliability of its engineering products. This automotive leader continues to venture into successful partnerships and deliver world-class engineering products. Harrop exports its products to the USA, UK and Europe.

The legacy of the Harrop family has continued with the third generation represented by Operations Manager, Tim Harrop.