Walkinshaw Performance V8 Engine Covers

In today’s world of automotive industry where automobile package manufacturers are coming up with new packages that will reflect great value for money. Australia’s leading performance house keeps rolling in great products with outstanding package content. And as it is known that in this modern era, buyers want great value for any package they put their money on, this has always been one of the key factors driving good works by every performance house all around the world. As part of the great manufacturing works that Walkinshaw Performance is well appreciated for, they just rolled in another amazing package just to enhance performance far above what existing products can offer.

Also, as it is well known that Australia’s automotive industry is fast growing, several performance house in the country has been coming up with unique products to complement the vast performance of vehicles. One of the automotive house which won’t stop surprising us with their superb packages is Walkinshaw Performance. Walkinshaw Performance is often referred to as Australia’s leading performance house and with no doubt, they keep living to expectations with the series of amazing packages they’ve delivered. The new amazing package rolled in by Australia’s leading performance house is the Walkinshaw performance V8 engine cover.

This Walkinshaw Performance engine cover offers a great visual upgrade for your engine bay. With the unique “Walkinshaw Performance” inscribed on the engine cover, using this engine cover is more like customizing your Walkinshaw Performance vehicle to further great visual display. This amazing package is compatible with HSV E-Series/GEN-F LS3 (6.2L) and Holden Commodore VE/VF naturally aspirated V8 (6.0L & 6.2L) models of Walkinshaw Performance vehicle engine.

With the high rank of Walkinshaw Performance among Australia’s performance houses, it would be of great feeling to have this amazing V8 engine cover manufactured by Australia’s leading performance house in your vehicle. This Walkinshaw Performance V8 Engine covers is another package which offers great value for money.

All these outstanding and unique packages have kept Walkinshaw Performance flying the flag of being the leading performance house in Australia till date. Here is an overview of the package content of the Walkinshaw Performance engine cover package:

  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance Engine Cover
  • Installation by a trained Walkinshaw Performance technician to guaranty rest of mind to buyers

This unique Walkinshaw Performance V8 engine cover package is widely available at all authorized Walkinshaw Performance outlet at an official price of $625.