Walkinshaw Performance V8 Cold Air Intake

In today’s world of automotive industry where automobile package manufacturers are coming up with new packages that will reflect great value for money. Australia’s leading performance house keeps rolling in great products with outstanding package content. As it is well known that in this modern era, most buyers want great value for any package they put their money on and this has been one of the key factor driving good works by automobile industries. As part of the great manufacturing works that Walkinshaw Performance is well appreciated for, they just rolled in another amazing package just to enhance performance far above what existing products can offer. The new and hot package is the newly introduced V8 cold air intake system.

This Walkinshaw Performance V8 cold air induction system is manufactured with the use of a low sheen high heat ABS material. This amazing package is specifically designed in that form to match other under bonnets parts. Just as the OTR cold air intake system, it works in line with the Walkinshaw Performance ECU calibrations and exhaust system to provide excellent performance and fuel economy improvement for your vehicle. The V8 cold air intake system comes with the unique Walkinshaw Performance badge and also an offer of installation by a certified Walkinshaw Performance technician which guaranty rest of mind to buyers. This system comes as part of the exclusive W-Series power pack and also as a separate entity for vehicles that are not W-Series but compatible with the package. This package is designed to be compatible with all Holden VE, VF and HSV V8 models of vehicle.

With no doubt, V8 cold air intake increases the performance of vehicle and at the same time still keep its drivability intact. There would always be a great feeling after you start your vehicle that has an OTR cold air intake system installed in it. Here is an overview of the package contents of V8 cold air intake system:

  • Walkinshaw Performance cold air induction system
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance vehicle badge
  • Installation by a certified Walkinshaw Performance technician to have assurance of value for your investment
  • Walkinshaw Performance certificate of authenticity
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance warranty

Figure value of the increase in performance level of a vehicle by using V8 cold air intake is up to 5% and this amazing Walkinshaw Performance package is available for sale at an official price of $730.