Walkinshaw Performance GPS Tracking

It is of no news that a lot of performance house in the world today keeps rolling in new amazing packages. Today, if we are to count the leading countries in the automobile industry, Australia would be as far as being on top. Australia is known for its numerous knowledgeable performance houses. Also, to talk about automobile industry or performance house in Australia, the very first performance house that should cut across your mind is Walkinshaw Performance.

Walkinshaw Performance is often referred to as the leading performance house in the Australia’s automotive industry. They’re not just referred to as the leading performance house, but they’ve extensively lived far above expectations. Walkinshaw Performance is known for its series of amazing and mouth-watering packages. To start counting the number of outstanding packages Walkinshaw Performance have rolled in, really, we’ll have a very big figure. As continuation of these amazing works, Australia’s leading performance house has just co-joined with Black Knight to deliver an ultimate security device for your Walkinshaw Performance vehicle. This device is called the Z-11 high-performance GPS tracker.

This Walkinshaw Performance GPS tracking device is very a smart, sleek, versatile and unique device which offers very accurate real-time tracking with intelligent high security alerts. This GPS tracker guaranties rest of mind against theft for all Walkinshaw Performance vehicle users as it can provide you the location of your vehicle globally. This amazing package is compatible with all Walkinshaw Performance vehicle. Another amazing fact about the package is that it comes with the offer of installation by a certified Walkinshaw Performance technician to guaranty rest of mind to buyers.

With the high rank of Walkinshaw Performance among Australia’s performance houses, it would be of great feeling to have this amazing GPS tracking device by Australia’s leading performance house in your Walkinshaw Performance vehicle.

This GPS tracking device is another package which offers great value for money.

All these outstanding and unique packages have kept Walkinshaw Performance flying the flag of being the leading performance house in Australia till date. Here is an overview of the package content of the Walkinshaw Performance GPS tracking system:

  • Very accurate real- time tracking: location updates every 15 seconds, accuracy of up to 5 meters, 12-month playback history, no limit in data usage.
  • Unique and powerful antenna: For easy GPS transmission
  • Compatibility with multiple devices: Tracking can be done from smartphone, web or Black Knight app
  • Multiple permanent wiring cable options such as hardwire, blade fuse and OBDII
  • Intelligent high security alerts
  • Installation by a trained Walkinshaw Performance technician to guaranty rest of mind to buyers

This unique GPS tracking device is widely available for sale at all authorized Walkinshaw Performance outlet and there is a connectivity subscription to be done which starts from AU$12.99 per month.