Walkinshaw Performance Packages

Power Packs W-Series

The Walkinshaw company has been celebrating success in motorsport and road car performance for over 45 years, leading with their Walkinshaw performance packages. Their great success has been credited to their extensive evaluation, accurate planning, and their excellence in all aspects of operations. Their Power Packs W-Series are no different, and will have any car enthusiast rushing with adrenalin because of their high performance and sleek appearance.

The Power Packs W-Series is their most recent series. This series has been described as by far the best power pack series Walkinshaw has ever produced.

Walkinshaw has said this series is the most powerful performance enhancement that they have ever produced for the Commodore.

Complementing the Power Pack W-Series, Walkinshaw has a variety of products including the Walkinshaw Performance Packages. These performance packages include their WP230 Supercharger that dramatically improves a vehicle’s horsepower and torque. It also includes their cold air intake system, which is a cold air conductor manufactured using a low sheen, high heat material that matches other under-bonnet parts.

The OTR cold air intake is included in these packages and is compatible with a number of the Power Pack W-series. It is designed to increase air intake volumes and is used together with your ECU calibrator and exhaust system. The Walkinshaw performance packages also include a range of popular components, such as, dual active cat back exhaust, exhaust headers, lower suspension, a brake upgrade, and genuine accessories.

The Walkinshaw Power Pack Performance Upgrade is one of the most requested enhancements from customers. They are not only reasonably priced to fit a wide range of vehicles, but they also give the same excellent performance, more power, torque, and an improvement in the throttle, as well as the right sound.

Anyone who chooses to go with the Walkinshaw Performance Power Pack Upgrade can be sure to achieve up to 10% more power in their vehicle, and up to 20% more torque, without compromising the ability to use their vehicle as an everyday vehicle.

We proudly stand behind this amazing series of upgrades at Power Torque and can help get your vehicle expertly fitted with one.

  • Walkinshaw Engine Controller Upgrade – Increase in vehicle performance, improved throttle, and more torque
  • Walkinshaw Performance Vehicle Badge – A double-sided badge that you can stick in position with ease
  • Walkinshaw Performance Dual Active Cat Power Back Exhaust System – High-performance, made from stainless steel
  • Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake – Increases induction sound, matches other under-bonnet parts and provides fuel economy
  • Walkinshaw Performance Certificate of Authenticity – Serves as evidence that you have purchased genuine upgrades
  • Walkinshaw Exclusive Driveline Warranty – Gives you confidence that you are getting genuine parts and if anything happens that they can be easily repaired or replaced
  • Installation by a Trained Power Torque Technician - Gives you peace of mind that a professional from the company will handle your car, safeguarding your investment.

The Walkinshaw Performance Power Pack W-Series is a must have for anyone who would like to improve their vehicle’s performance and have it operating as a powerful machine, while still being able to use as an everyday vehicle without any problems.

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