Walkinshaw Performance W375 Package

Walkinshaw performance has just launched a new range of products called the W-Series. One of the products announced by the Australia’s top performance company as part of the amazing recently launched series is the W375 package. As the name implies, W375 package comes with a stunning 375KW of power at 5850rpm and torque of 675Nm at 4800rpm. The product was developed to greatly complement the already high performance of VFII SS Vehicles. Also, W375 offers a great ease of drivability coupled with Walkinshaw performance’s warranty that gives the buyer a complete rest of mind, nothing is as sweet as this.

The W375 package utilizes a full stainless steel and stepped exhaust system coupled with luxury ceramic coating into the long tube header. Also, the package offers a high flow catalytic converters and radiator cold air intake system that enables larger volume of airflow into the engine which thereby brings about greater efficiencies in power.  The W375 package comes with a custom ECU recalibration developed on Walkinshaw performance’s dynamometer. The ECU recalibration was developed to be at an advantage of the increase in induction and exhaust performance of the W375 package. The end result of all these incredible features is an exciting and efficient driver’s vehicle that reflects a great value for money.

Walkinshaw Performance W375 PACKAGE

Also, the fascinating W375 package offers a rear deck lid badging, certificate of Authenticity and engine bay identification, all for assurance of great security. Walkinshaw performance General Manager Tony Harris said “HSV have delivered amazing vehicles straight out of the box, but for those who want something of higher performance, our W375 package offers the best naturally aspirated drivability result you can ever imagine.” He also added that “This package gives you a feel of being in a serious European sports car power territory while costing a fraction of the European price, we think the W375 package represents a terrific value.” Here are the incredible package contents that comes with W375:

  • Walkinshaw Performance ceramic coated headers.
  • Walkinshaw Performance radiator cold air intake system.
  • High flow catalytic converters.
  • Walkinshaw Performance’s dynamometer custom ECU calibration.
  • Walkinshaw Performance astonishing driveline warranty.
  • W375 rear deck lid badging.
  • Walkinshaw Performance W-Series certificate of authenticity.
  • Walkinshaw Performance stainless steel exhaust system.

This Walkinshaw Performance W375 model is compatible with VFII SS, CALAISV and CAPRICEV models. It is widely available for sale in every authorized Walkinshaw Performance outlet at an official price from $6,690.