Walkinshaw Performance W407 Package

As part of the W-Series products launched by Australia’s leading performance house, W407 package was developed to build on the successful W375 package in a bid to further enhance performance and drivability. W407 offers more performance and excitement than the earlier packages in the W-Series. Walkinshaw performance developed the W407 package to be the best naturally aspirated package to date. As the name implies, W407 package offers a great power of 407KW at 6250rpm and a torque of 695Nm at 4950 rpm, this is an incredible increase in power and torque features relative to the previous package. W407 package is compatible with all HSV GEN-F/GEN-2 6.2L LS3 engine models, VF Series 2 6.2L LS3 Commodore Sedan, Utility and Sport wagon.

W407 package utilizes Walkinshaw Performance camshaft which provides more end power and torque without any compromise in the road handling manners. Also, the package comes with a full stainless steel and stepped exhaust system coupled with ceramic coating in the long tube headers. In addition, it utilizes high flow catalytic converters and radiator cold air intake to accumulate larger volumes of airflow into the engines. This brings about greater efficiencies in power and economic value for the package.

Walkinshaw Performance W407 PACKAGE

As it is in all the packages featured in the W-Series, W407 also comes with an ECU recalibration developed on dynamometer to give a thrilling driving experience. The package also offers a rear deck lid badging, certificate of authenticity, engine bay identification and Walkinshaw Performance’s outstanding driveline warranty. Here is an overview of the features that the W407 package offers:

  • Walkinshaw Performance ceramic coated headers.
  • Walkinshaw Performance dual active cat back exhaust system.
  • Walkinshaw Performance cold air intake.
  • Walkinshaw Performance ECU calibration.
  • Walkinshaw Performance camshaft and valve spring upgrade
  • Walkinshaw Performance spec camshaft, cam sprocket, camshaft bolt set, Crankshaft bolt and value springs beehive style
  • Head gaskets, Head bolts, Lifter guides
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance W407 Badging
  • Walkinshaw Performance W-Series Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Walkinshaw Performance driveline warranty.

This Walkinshaw Performance W407 package is fitted to vehicles with an LS3 motor and it is recommended for sale via Walkinshaw Performance authorized outlets at the price from $9,990.