Walkinshaw Performance W457 Package

As part of the W-Series plated product range launched, W457 package emerges as one of the top notch products in the series. The package offers a huge leap in performance with the use of a forced induction system. Australia’s leading performance company comes up with this package with the aim of delivering extraordinary and excellent performance without any compromise in the drivability of an everyday road car. The package is designed specifically to suit the commodore and HSV range. It is also compatible with Ute and Wagon. As the name implies, W457 package offers a power of 457KW at 5600rpm and torque of 780Nm at 3700rpm, this is really an amazing figure to think of.

Walkinshaw Performance’s W457 package comes with the special WP230 supercharger which contains high flow injectors, water to air intercooler, heater hoses, coil covers, heavy duty serpentine belt system and self-contained oil system. In addition, W457 offers ceramic coated headers with cold air intake system. As it is with every other W-Series product, W457 comes with Walkinshaw Performance dual active cat back exhaust with ECU calibration.

Walkinshaw Performance W457 PACKAGE

“The W-Series has already seen the naturally aspirated W310 and W375 packages which offer terrific performance and great value for money, today we take another step with the W457 and W497 packages, these packages give a clear evidence of the outstanding Australian automotive design and engineering capabilities” says Walkinshaw Performance General Manager Tony Harris. The high performance level of W457 package fits for people who wish to take the ultimate leap in performance. Here is an overview of the package content that results in high W457 package performance::

  • Amazing WP230 Supercharger package.
  • Large high flow injectors with Eaton twin vertices 2300 series (TVS) gen VI rotors
  • Custom moulded heater hoses
  • Water to air intercooler package
  • Cast aluminum coil covers
  • Full dyno tune from an authorized Walkinshaw Performance center
  • Amazing Walkinshaw Performance cold air intake package
  • Walkinshaw Performance Heavy duty serpentine belt drive system
  • 12” long intake runners with Self-contained oil system
  • Walkinshaw Performance Full stainless steel exhaust system with ceramic coated headers and High flow catalytic converters
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance W-Series certificate of authenticity and vehicle identification

This Walkinshaw Performance W457 package is widely available for sale in all Walkinshaw Performance authorized outlets at an official price of $19,995+ Qld Transport Compliance