Walkinshaw Performance W507 Package

Australia’s leading performance house has announced the release of a new product called W507 package as part of the recently launched W-Series package. W507 package development started off at the engineering division of Walkinshaw Performance’s house with an attempt to fit existing WP Products to the vehicle. The design and setup of W507 package is quite complex which brings about an end result of serious upgrade compared to previous products which brings about maximum excitement and great drivability. As the name suggests, W507 package offers a unique power of 507KW at 6200rpm and torque of 850Nm at 4400rpm. The package is compatible with HSV 6.2L LSA Engine models. Having the package fitted to your engine would surely result in an enhanced Vehicle performance without compromise on the drivability.

W507 package offers a pulley upgrade kit coupled with numerous iterations of cat back exhaust system and ceramic coated header. The pulley upgrade is unique to the Walkinshaw Performance package with the final version selected after comprehensive engine dyno testing. Like every other packages in the W-Series, W507 package comes with Walkinshaw Performance ECU calibration and cold air intake to accumulate larger volume of airflow into the engine.

Walkinshaw Performance W507 package

Walkinshaw Performance Lead Engineer, Richardson said: “When we set out this project we wanted to achieve an upgrade that delivers maximum excitement and great drivability. The torque is very linear and delivers on our goal of great drivability.” With the large number of orders already on ground for the package, Walkinshaw Performance can be said to have come with a package that is completely designed and well-engineered.

Walkinshaw Performance General Manager Tony Harris also added that “As with everything we do, the key objective is to engineer a package that exceeds our customer expectations without compromising the vehicle drivability.” Really, W507 package is another incredible package from the Walkinshaw Performance house. Here is a highlight of the contents of the package:

  • Walkinshaw Performance Pulley upgrade kit
  • Walkinshaw Performance ceramic coated headers
  • Walkinshaw Performance cat back exhaust system
  • Walkinshaw Performance cold air intake
  • Walkinshaw Performance W507 ECU calibration
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance W507 badging
  • W-Series certificate of authenticity and corporate logo
  • Walkinshaw Performance vehicle drive line warranty for great rest of mind

As earlier stated, this amazing Walkinshaw Performance W507 package is compatible with all vehicles with HSV 6.2l LSA engine models and it is widely available for sale in every Walkinshaw Performance authorized outlets at the price from $7,990.