Walkinshaw Performance W547 Package

For many years now, Australia’s leading Performance house, Walkinshaw Performance has been celebrating their success in the developments of Motorsport and road cars with day to day improvement in their product’s performance. Another amazing product in the latest W-Series is the W547 package. As the name suggests, W547 package offers an amazing power of 547KW at 6500rpm and torque of 880Nm at 4000rpm. The package is specifically designed to suit the 6.2L V8 engine commonly called LS3. The W547 package is the most powerful performance enhancement product ever developed by Walkinshaw Performance compatible for commodore. Well, there are series of other packages that provides performance enhancement.

Basically, all the packages designed, engineered and developed by Walkinshaw Performance are done to meet up certain standards with high level of quality. W547 package offers Walkinshaw Performance 230 supercharger, a great feature that is rare among packages. In addition, the package comes with Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 series (TVS) Gen VI rotors. Like every other packages in the W-Series, W547 package offers full stainless steel exhaust system, water to air intercooler, custom moulded heater hoses, cast aluminum coil covers, ECU calibration, cold air intake, camshaft and valve spring upgrade, and heavy duty serpentine belt drive system. These are all amazing features to have as content of a package.

Walkinshaw Performance W547 package

With the high level of performance of the products that has been orchestrated by the engineering division of Walkinshaw Performance, the statement by the General Manager of the house can be duly confirmed. Here is an overview of the package content of W547:

  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance 230 supercharger
  • Large high flow injectors with Eaton twin vortices 2300 series (TVS) Gen VI rotors
  • Water air intercooler package
  • Custom moulded heater hoses
  • Cast aluminum coil covers
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance roto-moulded cold air intake package
  • Walkinshaw Performance Heavy duty serpentine belt drive system
  • Walkinshaw Performance Camshaft and valve spring upgrade
  • Walkinshaw Performance ceramic coated headers, dual active exhaust system, cold air intake system and ECU calibration
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance W547 badging
  • Outstanding W-Series certificate of authenticity
  • Walkinshaw Performance drive line warranty for complete rest of mind

This Walkinshaw Performance W547 package is widely available for sale via Walkinshaw Performance national network of resellers and it’s recommended at an official price from $23,250.