Walkinshaw Performance W557 Package

W557 package is the latest package in the W-Series packages of the Walkinshaw Performance house. This package is tagged Walkinshaw Performance’s greatest package till date. The product utilizes the already existing features in the unique W507 package coupled with new features such as spec cam shaft and Hi-flow injectors. Lately, there has been a great demand from HSV LSA owners which really prompts Walkinshaw Performance to develop the W557 packages to meet the demands of their customers. Obviously, it can be said that the package is specifically developed to be compatible with all HSV LSA vehicles. As the name suggests, W557 package offers an amazing power of 557KW at 6200rpm and torque of 930Nm at 4000rpm.

In addition to the spec cam shaft and Hi-flow injector package that comes with W557, it also utilizes the Walkinshaw Performance supercharger pulley upgrade, ceramic coated headers, high flow catalytic converter, dual active exhaust system and cold air intake to accumulate larger volume of airflow into the engine. With the unique motive behind the development of W557 package, it also comes with some amazing contents such as ECU calibration, cold air intake, LSA solid isolator coupling and lots more.

Walkinshaw Performance W557 package

In an open talk with Walkinshaw Performance General Manager Tony Harris, he said “As regards our work, our key objective is to engineer a package that exceeds our customer expectations without any compromise of the vehicle’s drivability.” Really, the W557 package is an incredible package from the Walkinshaw Performance house with an outstanding power gain and the torque above the standard LSA outputs. Here is an overview of the package contents of W557:

  • Walkinshaw Performance ceramic coated headers
  • Walkinshaw Performance dual active cat back exhaust system
  • Walkinshaw Performance ECU calibration
  • LSA solid isolator coupling
  • Walkinshaw Performance cold air intake
  • Walkinshaw Performance camshaft and valve spring upgrade
  • High flow injectors
  • Head gaskets, head bolts, OEM lifters and lifter guides
  • Walkinshaw Performance cam sprocket, camshaft bolt set and crankshaft bolt
  • W557 rear deck lid badge & under bonnet plague
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance W-Series certificate of authenticity

This Walkinshaw Performance W557 package is suitable for vehicles with the HSV 6.2l LSA and it is currently available for sale from $12,990