Walkinshaw Performance

Walkinshaw Performance is renowned throughout Australia for its success both on and off the track.

With an impressive background in motorsport, the Walkinshaw Performance team is known for excellence and precise planning and design.

Known particularly for their high quality aftermarket modifications, Power Torque is proud to be one of Walkinshaw Performance’s partners.

Walkinshaw Performance is often referred to as Australia’s leading performance racing house. They offer a wide range of products ranging from power packs to superchargers.

The History of Walkinshaw Performance

This performance house was established by Tom Walkinshaw, a British racing car driver. Walkinshaw Performance was in a joint venture with the Holden racing team to form Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) where they took over the construction and maintenance of racing cars for the Holden racing team a few years after its inception.

This was basically the company’s first time being involved in Australia’s automotive industry. The involvement of Walkinshaw Performance and HSV ceased when the Kelly family took over their racing contract and set up Kelly racing at the end of 2008, after the purchase of Perkins Engineering.

Walkinshaw Performance currently builds add-on performance parts for vehicles including the Holden Commodore, HSV, Pontiacs, Vauxhalls and performance parts for Hummers.

In 2006, Walkinshaw added full high performance sports car maker to the company CV after the purchase of Elfin sport cars. In 2016 Walkinshaw also began to sell Ram Pickups in a joint venture with Neville Crichton.