Walkinshaw Performance

Walkinshaw Performance is an Australian automotive company that specialises in high-end sports cars, as well as, performance parts and packages for normal road usage. Walkinshaw Performance Company is often alluded to as the leading power house for motor racing in Australia. The company is diverse in many aspects including the manufacture of superchargers, air intakes and power packs.

Victory in motor racing comes as a result of planning, evaluation, rigorous preparations and a disciplined approach. Walkinshaw Performance is synonymous with automotive success for both off the track and on track cars.

Walkinshaw Performance was founded by British motor racing driver Tom Walkinshaw in 1976. He was also the founder of a racing team called Tom Walkinshaw Racing. Walkinshaw was involved in professional rugby union being the owner of club Gloucester Rugby and holding other executive roles in the sport.

In 1987, Tom Walkinshaw ventured into a partnership with Holden and together they formed Holden Special Vehicles. Few years after the inception, they took over the maintenance and construction of motor racing cars for the Holden’s racing team. This resulted in Walkinshaw Performance becoming a key participant in the Australian motor racing landscape.

In 2005 and 2006 Walkinshaw cemented its role in the motor racing industry, investing in a high performance sports cars maker to add to his company, purchasing Elfin sports cars. Just recently in 2016, Walkinshaw Performance in collaboration with Neville Crichton began selling Ram Pickups.

However, in 2008, Holden Special Vehicles and Walkinshaw Performance partnership came to an end when their motor racing contract went to the Kelly’s family, who went ahead to set up the Kelly racing after purchasing Perkins Engineering.

2009 saw the debut of the Walkinshaw Racing which is a two car operation known individually as Team Autobarn and Bundaberg Red Racing.

For that reason, Walkinshaw Performance builds adds-ons and performance parts for Holden Commodore, Vauxhall, HSV, Holden, Pontiacs and Hummers performance parts.

The Walkinshaw Performance includes numerous amazing packages that are beautifully built including the W375 package, W557 package, W310 package, W507 package and  W407 package and many more. The latest package in the series to be released is the drop dead sweet looking W557 package. Exhaust systems, air intakes, super changers and exhaust systems are some of the products manufactured by Walkinshaw Performance.

These products have given Walkinshaw Performance Company a reputable name in the automotive industry worldwide. Walkinshaw Performance products have constantly been celebrated for their genuine and positive contribution to improve vehicle dynamics and overall performance.

The Walkinshaw Performance team have a disciplined approach for bringing to life cars with performance upgrades, rigorous evaluations and preparations. Walkinshaw Performance technicians and engineers are experienced and certified to ensure they only deliver quality products.

Today, Walkinshaw Performance is managed by Ryan, Tom Walkinshaw’s son, and Power Torque remains a proud partner.